The Day of Hungarian Folk Dance in New York

The Hungarian House of New York organizes a folk dance house at 13th May 2017, when Hungarians across the globe celebrate the Day of Hungarian Folk Dance (or Dancehouse). Let’s celebrate together our heritage in New York City!

The first dancehouse in Budapest was held on 6 May 1972. From there it started the dancehouse movement: hundreds of thousands of Hungarians and non-Hungarians of all ages discover, learn, and practice some part of the Hungarian folk tradition, mainly folk dance and folk music. Thus this heritage remains an active part of the Hungarian national culture and is now centered in cities such as Budapest. The term dancehouse comes from a tradition in villages of holding music and dance parties in people’s homes.

The Day of Dancehouse was first organized in 2012. On May 13 this year, local communities, dance groups, bands all over the word organize events celebrating Hungarian folk music and dance as well as the revival folklore movement, which was initiated by the Heritage House in Budapest.

In 2011, the “dancehouse” as a method was recognized by the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage inheritance model.

Children’s dance house starts at 6 pm, adult’s dance house starts at 7 pm. Music will be played by Veronika Székely and her band. Admission: $15.

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